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Masters of Earth: Central Earth Government and Administration[]

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Distance From Sun 149,600.000 km
Revolution Around Sun 365.25 days
Rotation 23.93 hours
Axial Tilt 23.5
Diameter 12,756 km
Density 5.5 x that of water
Mass 6 x 10(21) metric tons
Surface Gravity 1 g
Escape Velocity 11.27 km/sec.
Average Surface Temperature 18 C
Atmosphere 1 atm (78% nitrogen, 20.5% oxygen, 1% carbon dioxide, 0.5% pollutants)
Hydrographics 72%
Population 4.2 billion
Languages English, Chinese, Spanish, countless others
Primary Exports Art, resources, labor force
Primary Imports Manufactured goods, specialized food stuffs

The one constant in CEGA's political situation is turmoil. Although the Administration has grown through the years, weathering the effects of both positive and negative decisions, it has remained in a constant state of flux and Earth remains split by hatred and ruined by war. The Solar nations look askance at such chaos from their civilized and well-supplied stations, but they are poorly-situated to properly understand the actions taken and policies implemented by CEGA in the interest of global unity. Contrary to its outward appearance, CEGA is always changing (as its many factions vie for control), always growing, (as it restores a polluted planet) and always fighting against enemies both real and imagined.

In The Shadow of CEGA: The Non-Aligned Nations[]

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Few among the people of the Solar nations pay the Earth much attention, regarding it as a poor and primitive place, beneath their notice. Yet, it is the stubborn resistance of the non-aligned nations of Earth that has truly checked CEGA's expansion. The Solar settlements overlook the ever-growing force that CEGA has been able to bring to bear, the technology and resources of the Orbital and Lunar colonies fueling an ever-growing threat. Alone, but unbowed, the non-aligned states resist despite their isolation, working to restore their shattered planet and ensure their children's freedom from both CEGA and Solar domination. Despite being less advanced than the Solar nations, the nonaligned states of Earth make up half of Humankind. The choices they make will help define history.

Life on Earth[]

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The main impediment to life on Earth is the toxic remnants of the Fall, and everything from architecture to fashion has been heavily influenced by this fact. The land itself has become an enemy, and in their typically belligerent way, the Earthen fight back, their lives dedicated to winning the struggle against their planet.